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My agent, the wonderful Bright Agency, asked me, a while ago, to describe a day in my working life as part of a series on their artists. Feeling rather awkward about this, I thought might be an interesting idea to ask my then 8 year old son about my job and how he see's it. I think I was expecting something more highbrow... 


Dad: Where do I work?

Japhy: Upstairs in my playroom (Actually it’s my attic studio where Japhy manages to slowly but surely bring all his toys)

D: What do I do in there?

J: Draw incredibly fun drawings(Hey, this just may work out!) 

D: What do I listen to while I'’m working

J: Cricket. (in fact, cricket, rugby, Tour de France...pretty much any sport except football. I struggle with football)

D.What sort of thing do I draw?

J.Teenage dirtbags. (I know, I know, but he loves the Wheatus song)

D. Who do I work for?

J. No Idea. No, No, hang on, the people who work for Beast Quest! (I know what he's driving at, but actually I've never done a book for Beast Quest.)

D.What do I wear?

J.I dunno! Pants, socks, that sort of thing. (Yup, pants, sock, that sort of thing.)

D.What sort of thing do I have in my studio?

J.A Sci Fi table, (drawing table with a light-box built in) a whopping  Ben 10 computer which is so cool - I think I should probably have that computer when you’'re finished with it ( a 27” imac where he and his mates watch Ben 10) and a shelf that can kill ( a rather overladen and wobbly ikea shelving unit from which he pilfers paper)

D.What else do I like to do when I'’m not drawing in my studio?

J You like drinking coffee, chatting to friends on Snipe (Skype), putting rude cartoons on Facebook, then going out for bike rides. Oh! and you go to the pub to see your friends. (None of these things are true.)

D.What sort of atmosphere does my studio have?

J.Very calm.....Hmmm, but you swear a lot. ( This boy clearly doesn'’t know what he’'s talking about.)

D. What other job could I be cut out for?

J. An excellent chef (Hello!!??) You're pizza is superb! (Well yea, that's true actually.)

D.Are artists useful?

J Cor, yea. Otherwise there'd be no comics, no picture books, no fun at all if you can't see all the action. (Spot on)

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