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"Nightfall on the Somme" cover for Jonny Zucker.

It's been a funny couple of months. I've been working my buns off on some copy art for a couple of publishers that has had me cranking out artwork in a cloud of pencil shavings and foul language. Now this certainly sounds duller than corduroy, but actually I really get a buzz out of it. Copy art often make me work parts of my creative nut that hasn't been used for a bloomin' age. The frustration is always that I can't post anything up until it looks like I'm just out riding my bike and supping Harveys and Nobbies nuts in pub beer gardens. (As soon as I get the all clear from the Gods, I'll whack some samples up here.) Actually, I'll get a post up on the subject of copy art when I get a's an large and rather unspoken area of the Illustration world.

However I have just taken a wee break to whip out a cover for my chum Jonny Zucker. This is his latest title due out in a month I believe...and a tremendous read it is too.

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