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Copy Art Happiness

"Adam Destroys The Internet" by Adam Beales published by Bloomsbury.

When I was a kid, my dad and I used to love to watch the genius forger and art raconteur Tom Keating in his series on painters. He was astonishingly skillfull and had such wonderful touch, plus his phenomenal knowledge of the artists whom he emulated made him simply a joy to watch. (The fact that he'd stuck two fingers up at the art establishment also tickled my dad and I). Many are available on YouTube and I'd highly recommend a watch.

As a boy, I used to love copying artwork, especially comics and cartoons. Over time I've drawn a lot of copy art work for a bunch of publishers. It's just a terrific challenge to get into someones mind and see if you can get the spirit right. It doesn't always work, but when it does it's a gas!

He's a book that's just been released in the style of the excellent James Lancett, (who did this cover) for Adam B.

Not a patch on Tom though..

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